Volunteer Opportunity – Timeless Trades program at GBM

Hello Caer Adamant! Our friends at Greenbank Mills and Philips Farm (GBM) are seeking volunteers to help with their TIMELESS TRADES program series.

If you’re willing to develop a class, or classes, they want to hear from you!  GBM would provide a kit for participants to start and you would conduct the class virtually (for now).  This is one way a SCAdian could stay connected with and share their hobby during these socially distanced times.

The options for topics is broad! While SCA’s time period is quite a while before GBM’s period of interpretation (1790-1830), there are trades which continue today, such as farming, food preservation, leather and metal work, shepherding, spinning/weaving/textiles, wax craft, woodworking and more (crafts immigrant communities may have brought with them).

By way of example, this fall, they will be hosting a “Cross Stitch 101” series which will begin with courses that go back to the basics (various tools and basic stitches), along with the history of the craft and exhibits from their collection.  Later courses will provide opportunities for participants to “level up”.  Neat, right?!

If interested in volunteering for the Timeless Trades program, please contact Stacie Maheurin, Executive Director of GBM, at smaheurin@greenbankmill.com. Stacie will walk you through things like how to introduce the program, how long it should be, what it should look like, format and those kinds of things. Thank you!

In Service,
Lady Nancy Alyn, Deputy MoAS North

Vol Opp – Folklore Friday Storyteller at GBM

Hello Caer Adamant!  Our friends at Greenbank Mills are seeking volunteers to help with their Folklore Friday program.  If you’re willing to develop and tell local stories, or tangentially related ones, for digital presentation as part of the program, they want to hear from you!

While SCA’s time period is quite a while before GBM’s period of interpretation (1790-1830), there could be some stretch with tales or songs about weaving/spinning, about sheep, traditional drinking songs that would have extended into the period, tales immigrant communities may have brought with them (thinking of Irish lore, German fairy tales and so on).  By way of example, one volunteer recently presented a session focused on folk tunes of the American Colonial Period.

View two Folklore Friday programs on Greenbank Mill’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLotxnmyGts (it will be a playlist).

If interested in volunteering, please contact Alli Schell at a.schell@greenbankmill.com.  Alli will walk you through things like how to introduce the program, how long it should be, what it should look like, format and all that.  Thank you!

Deputy MoAS North

Sept 15 Southern Region Scribal Work Day!

Hello Sparkly Scribes!  Following the success of similar work days up north, Lady Maryna is hosting a Southern Region work day with the goal of completing backlog scrolls (and/or scroll blanks) for the East Kingdom.

If you cannot come to the work day but are interested in wordsmithing ahead of the event, please contact Lady Maryna.

Let’s get some scrolls done!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2019 from 12:00 – 8:00 pm.  Dress is modern (no garb please).

You do not have to commit to the entire time. The Caer Adamant business meeting will be taking place at the same location from 12:00 to 1:00 pm; and we will kick into work mode following that.

Brandywine Town Community Center, 4050 Brandywine Parkway, Wilmington, DE 19803. Google Maps. The Community Center is located in the Brandywine Town Center campus (1000 Brandywine Pkwy off Concord Pike) and is the round building with the blueish roof situated across the lake from the Red Robin Restaurant.

This is NOT a workshop as there will not be any formal teaching.  However, scribes of all skill levels are welcome to join in and help.  Loaner equipment will be available.

Bring your scribal kit and supplies, including any reference books/materials you may need or want to share. Water will be provided.

Feel free to bring non-messy snacks to share (nothing that requires power/heat, please). We may go out for dinner somewhere nearby depending on interest.

Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested!

Contact Lady Maryna Borowska (Blueberry Emily Keller) on Facebook or by email to 244887@members.eastkingdom.org.

Wiki Work Day

Sunday, October 28 Shire meeting, social, and added to it, Wiki Work Day!

As you may have seen, Baron Adolphus is hosting a gathering at his home in Dover that is to start as the Shire Business meeting, but then continue on to a social/newcomer/gathering things.
There will be people (even if it is just me) and computers available for East Kingdom Wiki Page creation, edits, and updates.
Please think of things you would like to have on your Wiki page so we can create one for you if you don’t already have one.
Mine is here. And you can link from this one to other peoples to see what folks put on their pages for ideas.
If you have a picture you would like added, make sure you have it available electronically to send me (FB messenger, email, text, whatever).


Heraldic Primer, 12:00 noon on Sunday, July 23

Are you thinking of finally registering a device? Maybe at Pennsic? Do you already have a device or badge, but want to know the best way to display & use it? Are you a fighter who might proudly march to war for the honor of the mighty East Kingdom? Well this might just be for you!

Your friendly neighborhood heralds will be presenting a Heraldic Primer at 12:00 PM on Sunday, July 23rd. We’ll let you know the basics of heraldry, help with possible submissions for Pennsic, discuss ways to display and use your heraldry, and do some heraldry recognition for possible opponents our fighters might see at war.

Come learn to identify a unit from An Tir from a unit from Calontir. Separate Meridies from Ealdomere. Tell a Tuchuk from a Trimaran.

Period Game Night, Sunday March 19 beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Garb is encouraged, but not required. Please feel free to bring any favorites if you have one.

If the weather is cooperative we’ll likely have at least one Bocce match before we lose sunlight. If you’re so inclined, snacks or beverages to share are welcome (ingredients list for prepared items is requested).

The location is home to four-legged-furry supreme overlords (i.e. cats) so please medicate if necessary. Please call Baroness Hedewigis at (302) 239-9787 if you have problems getting there.

Address information is available on the Calendar entry.