Thrown Weapons

Greetings!  Honorable Lord Mikael Melrakki McCue is going to begin holding thrown weapons practice on certain Sunday mornings!

Thrown weapons practices are open to anyone ages 5 and up.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Instruction may be given.

Honorable Lord Mikael will be hosting these from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the Sundays the Barony of Buckland Cross is not holding practice:

  • September 22, 29
  • October 6, 20
  • November 3, 17
  • After will depend on weather and attendance.

The home of Honorable Lord Mikael, 320 North Avenue, Secane PA 19018.  (However, depending on the app being used, the address may be shown in Upper Darby, Clifton Heights, Morton or Springfield.  Also, traveling down North Avenue from Baltimore Pike, the house numbers suddenly drop from the 1000s to the 300s.)  There is plenty of free, on-site parking behind the house, just follow the driveway around.

Although not required, closed toe shoes are strongly recommended.

Plenty of loaner equipment will be available.  Note:  If you borrow axes with wooden handles and stick an axe in the target, do not throw any more weapons until the stuck axe has been removed.  If you do and irreparably damage a handle, you will be asked to pay for a new handle.  (There is no charge for a broken handle on a throw at an empty target.  If that happens it’s usually the handles fault.)  Because hitting one axe with another is an avoidable situation that is when you will be asked to provide compensation.  Of course, what you do with your own equipment is your decision.

As life and weather are always happening, be sure to check our Calendar and / or Facebook page for activity updates (for purpose, date, time or location changes) and cancellations.

Thrown Weapons

Maybe you just like throwing sharp, shiny objects? Thrown weapons are tomahawks, knives, spears, spikes, darts, and plenty of other items. The unique aspect of thrown weapons is that every weapon is unique; there are no set standards for size, shape, weight, etc.

Thrown weapons is an excellent adult sport for a broad range of people regardless of age or physical condition. It does not require any authorization to participate: you show up at a range, read the rules and have fun. 

You can find opportunities at many Society events to try throwing common medieval weapons in a safe, monitored environment.