March Shire Meeting Sunday the 25th at 1:00 p.m.

Good Morning Adamantians! The poll is in. We had 19 total responses. The weeknight that most folks could make was Thursday, with a high of 7 people at 7:00. Compare that with Sunday responses, where 10 folks said that 1:00 worked. (That is the highest “yes” time frame). We now have data to support what we were already doing.

With 73.3% of the people saying “Yes” to a Google HangOut for the meeting, and two folks saying “No” we will give it a trial run at the March meeting.

I went ahead and scheduled us for March 25th at Iron Hill Science Museum at 1:00, as there were issues with every other Sunday of the month. We don’t want to deprive Fighter Practice of it’s marshals so we will try to keep the business end of the meeting quick.

For those interested, (totally optional) I am thinking about the Red Robins for lunch before hand. Or there is the McGlynns pub… anyone been there? I am open to other options. Thoughts? Preferences?

Iron Hill Science Museum:
1115 Robert L. Melson Lane, Newark, DE 19702


Ballot for Elections, February 2018

Office of the Seneschal

  • Thorson
  • None of the Above

Office of the Minister of Arts & Sciences

  • Mairi Crawford
  • None of the Above

Office of the Chatelaine

  • Laurena Mauchot
  • None of the Above


If you are attending the meeting there will be ballots available, but you are welcome to print your own and have it filled out in advance.

If you are not attending the meeting, please make your selections and send this with an image of your membership card to or send it along with someone who is attending.

March 18 and 19, 2017 Activities

Shire Folks! This weekend is a busy one with activities both Saturday and Sunday!
Saturday we’ve got the Penannular brooch making day to donate to East Kingdom largess chest. If you’re interested in attending please put as going here so we can plan accordingly
Sunday first we have Shire Business Meeting at 1:00 p.m. at the Bear Library. Among other things, we will VOTING on the bylaws as posted here:
Sunday night is Period Games Night at Baroness Hedewigis’s home. Garb is encouraged, but not required. Feel free to bring a snack or drink to share, and if you have a favorite game bring it 🙂 address information is available here:

Period Game Night, Sunday March 19 beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Garb is encouraged, but not required. Please feel free to bring any favorites if you have one.

If the weather is cooperative we’ll likely have at least one Bocce match before we lose sunlight. If you’re so inclined, snacks or beverages to share are welcome (ingredients list for prepared items is requested).

The location is home to four-legged-furry supreme overlords (i.e. cats) so please medicate if necessary. Please call Baroness Hedewigis at (302) 239-9787 if you have problems getting there.

Address information is available on the Calendar entry.