The Chamberlain is charged with the inventory, care and upkeep of the Shire regalia and stuff, tracking the location of each item and maintaining a list of who has each item signed out of storage.

Regalia is any Shire property (such as loaner garb, loaner fighter gear, banners, clothing, jewelry, pavilions and weapons).  Unless otherwise noted below, the regalia listed is held by the Chamberlain.

  • Gold Key – held by Chatelaine
  • Iron Key – held by Knight Marshal
  • Fighters Banner – 1 in hand
  • Baldric – currently 3 available
  • More information to come

Creation of New Regalia
The Chamberlain also coordinates new regalia projects.  Anyone is welcome to donate items to the Shire.  If you have something you wish to donate, please contact our Chamberlain first to confirm its need and intended use.  (In order to receive reimbursement for materials to create new regalia from the Shire, the proposed expenditure must first be approved.)