The Shire Chamberlain is charged with the inventory, care and upkeep of the Shire regalia and other property, tracking the location of each item and maintaining a list of who has which item signed out of storage.

Unless noted, items listed are held by the Chamberlain.

Regalia is any Shire property bearing the Shire device or insignia.  

  • Banner, plus, information pending – held by Baron Adolphus Benner
  • Parade Banner – 1, older, painted on blue background, hanging on a PVC pipe 
  • Silk Banner – held by Lord Arthur Alyn

Anyone wishing to bear Shire colors may request any of the numbered items, below, which will be bestowed upon them to keep and use until returned.

  1. Baldric – 4 available
  2. Fighter’s Banner – 1 available
  3. Fighter’s Tabbard – 1 available, short, XL

Creation of New Regalia
The Chamberlain also coordinates new regalia projects.  To receive reimbursement from the Shire for resources/materials to create new regalia, the proposed expenditure must first be approved at a Shire meeting.

Gold Key
Gold Key is a collection of period clothing (garb) we keep for new members and visitors to borrow (to wear) during a Shire events.  Gold Key is held by our Chatelaine.

Iron Key
Iron Key is a collection of pieces of heavy combat gear (helmet, body armor, sheild, etc.) we keep for new fighters to borrow (to wear/use) during Shire practices and events.  Iron Key is held by our Knight Marshal.


  • Barrier – 1, wood with leather top, held by Lord Alexendre l’Espangnol de Orlinz
  • Combat List – 2, wood poles and rope, held by Lord Magnus Wolfhunte
  • Grill, portable, outdoor – held by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne
  • Kitchen Gear – download inventory below
  • Pavilion – held by Baron Pádraig Ó Gealagáin
  • Tablecloths – 7, Shire device on blue background, sufficient to cover a 6′ table
  • Water Jug, 2 gallon – 1, green

Donations to the Shire of helpful, new or gently used items are welcome.  If you
wish to make donation, please contact our Chamberlain first to confirm its need
and intended use.