Vol Opp – Folklore Friday Storyteller at GBM

Hello Caer Adamant!  Our friends at Greenbank Mills are seeking volunteers to help with their Folklore Friday program.  If you’re willing to develop and tell local stories, or tangentially related ones, for digital presentation as part of the program, they want to hear from you!

While SCA’s time period is quite a while before GBM’s period of interpretation (1790-1830), there could be some stretch with tales or songs about weaving/spinning, about sheep, traditional drinking songs that would have extended into the period, tales immigrant communities may have brought with them (thinking of Irish lore, German fairy tales and so on).  By way of example, one volunteer recently presented a session focused on folk tunes of the American Colonial Period.

View two Folklore Friday programs on Greenbank Mill’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLotxnmyGts (it will be a playlist).

If interested in volunteering, please contact Alli Schell at a.schell@greenbankmill.com.  Alli will walk you through things like how to introduce the program, how long it should be, what it should look like, format and all that.  Thank you!

Deputy MoAS North