Arts & Sciences

Check our Calendar regularly for scheduled activities. All activities, including cancellations, will be reflected there.  The Shire Facebook page is also a great resource for up-to-the-minute information and discussion.

New to SCA? Everyone is welcome to attend our local meetings, activities and events. Come on out, get to know who we are and what we’re all about.


A&S North

First Tuesday of every month starting at 7:00 p.m. hosted by Baroness Hedewigis in Hockessin, DE (Google Maps).  Dress is modern.  Contact Baroness Hedewigis 302-239-9787 for more information.  House is a red barn.  Carpooling to the site is highly encouraged.

An opportunity to work on various A&S projects in good company. Trying an new stitch? Need help marking a hem? Need tasters for your new recipe? Light refreshments are available.

A&S South

Held every other Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. hosted by Lady Laurena in Magnolia, DE (Google Maps). Dress is modern.

These are informal gatherings and are focused on specific A&S projects or topics. Come with your own project or learn something new!

Garb Workshops

We gather now and again. Having no set date, these workshops are scheduled based on availability of hosts for them and are meant for folks who need or want time to work on or get help from knowledgeable individuals with creating period garb for SCA events.  See our calendar for date, time and location.

Medieval Games Night (garb optional, but encouraged)

Happen now and again. We try to announce these programs in advance/ as soon as they’re scheduled.  Please feel free to bring an edible or potable treat to share. We have bocce outside (weather permitting) and various other medieval games inside. If you have a favorite game, bring it!  See our calendar for date, time and location.

Scribal Nights

Occur now and again. Dress is modern. See our calendar for date, time and location. Learn about and practice Calligraphy and Illumination in good company. Bring your sketchbook, brushes and paints/inks. Certain supplies are available for borrowing to get you started!

Updates & Cancellations

As life and weather are always happening, be sure to check our Calendar and / or Facebook page for activity updates (for purpose, date, time or location changes) and cancellations.