Arts & Sciences

Check our Calendar regularly for scheduled activities. All activities, including cancellations, will be reflected there.  The Shire Facebook page is also a great resource for up-to-the-minute information and discussion.

New to SCA? Everyone is welcome to attend our local meetings, activities and events. Come on out, get to know who we are and what we’re all about.


A&S Socials
Socials are scheduled based on availability of folks to host them (and a place for them). If you would like to add to the lineup please contact the Minister of A&S. We are especially interested in adding socials in the southern Delaware.

Bring a project, bring a friend, and visit with friends and new comers!

When & Where
The first Wednesday of each month, from 6-9pm, we will gather at the home of the Minister of A&S, located at 613 Timber Wood Blvd., Newark, DE 19702 (unless otherwise noted).

Everyone is welcome! There is no fee, no garb required, and the site is food-friendly if you want to bring your dinner. There is a cat (if you have allergies) and a few steps to enter the house.

Generally the first hour will be a class, with the remaining time used for projects and socializing. If you’re having trouble with a project or a research question, bring it and we can figure it out together. These gatherings provide an opportunity to work on your A&S projects in good company. Trying a new stitch? Need tasters for your medieval recipe? Crafting in leather or metal wire? Come with your own project or learn something new!

Wed., 5 June – Project management for artisans
Learn how to manage your time and resources effectively so that you end up with an item that truly shows your skills and prevents burn out. No prior experience with project management is needed, and buzzwords will be kept to a minimum. We will briefly cover digital tools, but everything we will teach can be handled with a pad of paper and some sticky notes.

Wed., 3 July – Pennsic War prep and general kit maintenance
Even if you’re not going to Pennsic this year, now is a great time to assess the state of your general SCA kit and garb and see to any needed repairs or upgrades. We’ll cover basic leather care, simple garb repairs and alterations, and ideas for easy-to-make garb for hot weather. If you use a packing list or other planning tools feel free to bring it and share with us! 

Wed., 7 August – Period table games: Alquerque, Glückshaus, and others
Learn the rules and a bit of history for several period table games, then play them. We will be using instructions from Feel free to look them up online if you want to learn ahead of the meeting.

Wed., 4 September – Heraldic display!
Bright banners, decorated shields, and color-coded allies are a key part of our game. Learn all about ways to incorporate heraldic display into your SCA kit. We will cover general concepts and principles as well as specific techniques for making garden-flag sized tent labels, and for appliqué.

Wed., 2 October – topic TBA

Wed., 6 November – topic TBA

Wed., 4 December – topic TBA

Light refreshments may be made available (feel free to bring and share your favorite nosh).

Have Something to Teach?
If you would like to host and/or teach on a subject or skill, please contact our Minister of Arts & Sciences.

Garb Workshops
We gather now and again. Having no set date, these workshops are scheduled based on availability of hosts for them and are meant for folks who need or want time to work on or get help from knowledgeable individuals with creating period garb for SCA events.  See our calendar for date, time and location.

Medieval Games Night (garb optional, but encouraged)
Happen now and again. We try to announce these programs in advance/ as soon as they’re scheduled.  Please feel free to bring an edible or potable treat to share. We have bocce outside (weather permitting) and various other medieval games inside. If you have a favorite game, bring it!  See our calendar for date, time and location.

Scribal Nights
Occur now and again. Dress is modern. See our calendar for date, time and location. Learn about and practice Calligraphy and Illumination in good company. Bring your sketchbook, brushes and paints/inks. Certain supplies are available for borrowing to get you started!

Updates & Cancellations
As life and weather are always happening, be sure to check our Calendar and / or Facebook page for activity updates (for purpose, date, time or location changes) and cancellations.