Special Election – Call for A&S Minister Officer Candidates

As Baroness Mari has recently stepped forward with an interest in serving as A&S Minister for Shire, Lady Nancy will be resigning from the office and we will hold a Special Election for the position.

We are now accepting Letters of Intent for the office of A&S Minister with the intent of calling a vote at our July, 2022 Shire Business Meeting.  If interested in running for this position, please notify our Seneschal by July 1 of your intention so it can be announced.

  • Letters of intent must be received by the Seneschal prior to July 1st. Letters of intent should include: member’s modern name; SCA name, if applicable; membership number and expiration date and a few lines describing the request.
  • Candidates will be announced as soon as they are known.
  • The special election will be held at the July business meeting. The winner will be that candidate who receives a simple majority of the votes cast.
  • For more information, refer to the Shire Bylaws.  Kindly direct your questions to our Seneschal.