Three Links in a Chain – Vikings by Shoshana

I’m excited to start sharing some of my research!

My journey started in the best of ways, with other fellow SCAdians:
The Viking Answer Lady has an awesome page, and introduced me to many great jumping off points!

I’ve noticed a lot of talk on what Vikings wore, and am curious about the smocked front being shown by many re-enactors. Why do we think there is pleating on Viking apron dresses? I found the words “Kostrup Viking Apron Dress,” on Pinterest- and started searching from there. This is a fantastic research paper that I am eager to learn more about!

Color! I’m the worst at choosing fabric, so I’ve been looking into appropriate dyes. This page is where I started researching. It’s great to read what other people have learned. It’s definitely helping me choose my next fabric purchase. Perhaps one day I’ll dye my own.

Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, Seneschal

The “Three Links in a Chain” project is sponsored by the Officers of the Shire of Caer Adamant in an effort to highlight, share and explore all the wonderful resources available online.  We choose a topic, regarding the medieval period and/or the SCA, and share three websites which we have used in our own research, game play or just think others would enjoy. Have three links to share? Comments or questions? Email Dionise O’Towie, Webminister, for more information.