Call for Officer Candidates

Pursuant to the Bylaws of Caer Adamant, the offices of Exchequer, Knight Marshal and Herald for the 2019-2020 terms are now open.

  • Letters of intent must be received by the Seneschal prior to the scheduled start of the January business meeting. Letters of intent should include: member’s modern name; SCA name, if applicable; membership number and expiration date and a few lines describing the request.
  • Candidates will be announced at the January business meeting as well as the Shire web site.
  • Between the January and February business meetings the candidates may submit a statement detailing their qualifications, reason(s) for seeking office and goals for his or her time in office. Responses will be combined and posted to the Shire web site and shared on our FB page.
  • A ballot will be posted to the Shire web page and paper ballots will be available at the February business meeting. Absentee ballots must be received by the Seneschal prior to the February business meeting and included in the tally provided all proofs required by the Bylaws are met. Anyone 14 years or older with valid membership has the right to vote.
  • Officer elections will be via closed ballot during the February business meeting. The winner will be that candidate who receives a simple majority of the votes cast. Should the Populace vote to reject all of the candidates for a position, and that position is required by East Kingdom Law or Corpora, the process of holding a new election will begin immediately. In the interim, the Seneschal will make provisions for the performance of any duties of the office required.