A message from the Seneschal

Despite having a horrible cold, I’m feeling very lucky today. I’m so thankful that the officers and deputies who are stepping away from their positions were kind enough to give us what time they had available to assist, and that the people stepping into their shoes have the excitement needed to take up the torch. Being an officer or a deputy is a very big commitment, and I thank all those people who put their names on the ballot. We could not make this Organization work without volunteers.

I’m so happy to pass the torch to our new Shire Officers. Vivat, Baron Adolphus Benner, who will take up the position of Seneschal. Vivat, Lady Mairi Crawford, who will be our new Minister of Arts and Science. Vivat, Lady Dionise O’Towie, who will take on the position of Chatelaine. You are all crazy awesome!

Working hard in an organization like this one can be very rewarding. The research that you put into your work draws both yourself and those around you closer into our crazy world. The time you spend working with others, supports everyone around you and creates an atmosphere of forward motion and inclusion. The exciting projects we all forge create magic moments, and allow people to become caught up in the pageantry and joy of an event.

I really appreciated the time that I spent as Seneschal for the Shire of Caer Adamant. Thank you to everyone for the support; it’s truly a rollercoaster ride! My biggest piece of advice is to remember that it takes a lot of different skills to build a bridge, and a lot of awesome people to keep it well maintained. Never try to do something by yourself, when there are so many wonderful people that could help you.

In Service,
Shoshana Gryffyth
(Ellen Weiner)