Nov. 24 A&S South – Queen’s Gown Work Shop (The Project Board)

Greetings!  Join us for this monthly, informal gathering where we work on A & S projects together.  Come with your own project or learn something new!  Dress is modern.

Sunday, November 24, 2019 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The home of Lady Laurena Mouchot, 204 Autumn Terrace, Magnolia, DE 19962.  There are dogs and cats in our home, so do the needful before arriving.  Plenty of free, on-street parking available.  If you need help with directions, text Lady Laurena (Lorraine Padgett) at (302) 399-7183.

Queens Gown Workshop_2019

We have been given the opportunity to create an outfit for the Queen to wear at Queen’s Bardic Championship on February 22.  Let’s showcase all the amazing work people in the Shire do and make the project a collaborative effort (a bit of inspiration shown here).

I would like to try to get everyone hands on it no matter how new they are.

If your art is something that you might not immediately associate with making a dress, like glass making, metal work, wood carving, or scribal… I have ideas on ways to incorporate these types of things into the overall project.

So, come on out!