Jan. 7 A&S Basic Weave Structures & Drop Spinning

Greetings!  Join us for this monthly, informal gathering where we work on A & S projects together.  Come with your own project or learn something new!  Dress is modern.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

The home of Baroness Hedewigis, 1604 Old Wilmington Road, Hockessin, DE 19707.

Mistress Hedewigis will be teaching basic weave structures.  Weave structure is the design by which fabric is produced. The great variety of weaves found in the textiles of today are modifications of a few fundamental weaves invented in the earliest times. Basic weaves include plain, twill, and satin.

Basic Weave Structures

Dona Engracia will be teaching drop spinning. The drop spindle is one of the oldest methods for spinning fibers into yarn or thread.

Drop Spinning
A spindle is a straight spike usually made from wood used for spinning, twisting fibers such as wool, flax, hemp, cotton into yarn. It is often weighted at either the bottom, middle, or top, commonly by a disc or spherical object called a whorl (spindle whorls have been found in archaeological digs around the world), however many spindles exist that are not weighted by a whorl, but by thickening their shape towards the bottom.

Hope to see you there starting the new year learning something new!

Baroness Hedewigis hosts an A&S Night on the first Tuesday of every month starting at 7:00 pm.  Contact Baroness Hedewigis 302-239-9787 if you have trouble getting to her home, which is a modified red barn.  Carpooling to the site is highly encouraged.