A message from Lady Shoshana

Despite having a horrible cold, I’m feeling very lucky today. I’m so thankful that the officers and deputies who are stepping away from their positions were kind enough to give us what time they had available to assist, and that the people stepping into their shoes have the excitement needed to take up the torch. Being an officer or a deputy is a very big commitment, and I thank all those people who put their names on the ballot. We could not make this Organization work without volunteers.

I’m so happy to pass the torch to our new Shire Officers. Vivat, Baron Adolphus Benner, who will take up the position of Seneschal. Vivat, Lady Mairi Crawford, who will be our new Minister of Arts and Science. Vivat, Lady Dionise O’Towie, who will take on the position of Chatelaine. You are all crazy awesome!

Working hard in an organization like this one can be very rewarding. The research that you put into your work draws both yourself and those around you closer into our crazy world. The time you spend working with others, supports everyone around you and creates an atmosphere of forward motion and inclusion. The exciting projects we all forge create magic moments, and allow people to become caught up in the pageantry and joy of an event.

I really appreciated the time that I spent as Seneschal for the Shire of Caer Adamant. Thank you to everyone for the support; it’s truly a rollercoaster ride! My biggest piece of advice is to remember that it takes a lot of different skills to build a bridge, and a lot of awesome people to keep it well maintained. Never try to do something by yourself, when there are so many wonderful people that could help you.

In Service,
Shoshana Gryffyth
(Ellen Weiner)

Archery and Thrown Weapons Practice Update

I’m so sorry to report that archery and thrown weapons practice is no longer going to be held at Padrig’s residence. We will be looking for a new site, and all assistance would be appreciated. We truly appreciate the time and space, and big thanks goes out to Padraig for the many many years of service.




Felt Booklets for Largress Project – 3/15/15

Join us for a special project to add to the Treasure Chest we are giving to the Royals for Pennsic – Felt note booklets for with crayons for the younglings, or pencils for the Marshals.

*Please note: Shire meeting will take place prior to this event at the Brandywine Towne Center.

When: Sunday, 3/15/15 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Where: Brandywine Towne Center
1000 Brandywine Parkway, Wilmington, DE 19803, United States

Please bring the following with you if you have it. If not, we will have some to share:

• Needle and thread       • Scissors

• Felt in various colors    • Unused/new Crayons    • “Golf” or “Bridge” pencils   • Sewing machine (with extension cord)

Questions or more info:
Lady Shoshana – seneschal@caer-adamant.eastkingdom.org
(Ellen 302-545-7808)
Katrin Daans: anotherinspiration@gmail.com

Banner Painting!

Banners will be done in two parts!
Part One will be on September 21st and costs $5.
We will go over banner design, map out our banners on large graph paper, and set up our frames. We will also have the opportunity to do a small silk painting in an embroidery hoop. Please bring full or half page printouts of your heraldry elements if you have them, to assist in your design.

Part Two will be on October 5th and will cost $10. Here we will finish marking out the silk, and will pant the banners.

Please contact Lady Shoshana if you are interested in attending!

Kranz Hill Farm at White Clay Creek Demo

Saturday September 27th at 930 am. 616 New London rd Newark DE 19711
This looks like a really fun event, check out THIS LINK!

It’s everything I like in a fall festival. Tyler is looking to have two demos during this event, dancing and fighting. We would like to know who is available to do either? Please reply to the Facebook Page if you are available, and Tyler will have more information. Many Thanks!

Who will be able to join us?

Quick Report by Lady Shoshana

A quick report for the next few weeks…
I will be sending all the updates out in separate posts to make it easier to reply to that specific thread. Please feel free to make suggestions and ask questions!

Email Shoshana

We have two demos set up for this month and need to know who will be available and in what capacity as soon as possible. I apologize that these are both so last minute, we have a begun outlining a new demo policy, and will send that out. (And post it to the website soon)

A&S Nights:
We will have cup covers taught with a veil stitch next month, and will set up the following month’s schedule. Please claim your month if you would like to teach something.

Silk Painting:
This will be broken into two parts, and a makeup time created later if you were not able to join us for planning or painting.

We have a bid for Winter Bardic Blast, this will be voted on at the beginning of the next meeting.

***If you are interested in running Spring Thynge, we will need the bid in by November 1st. please ask for assistance with filling out the form before that date. We will be able to use the site at Black Bird State Forest.

Newark Community Days Sunday September 21st!

This Weekend we have the Newark Demo.
This demo consists of a display table and a fighting display. Please bring something to work on, or a display to show during the event, and a chair.

Period displays of heraldry are truly encouraged.

Roger has more details and will post them online on the Facebook page.

Who will be able to join us? Please contact as soon as possible!