Quick Report by Lady Shoshana

A quick report for the next few weeks…
I will be sending all the updates out in separate posts to make it easier to reply to that specific thread. Please feel free to make suggestions and ask questions!

Email Shoshana

We have two demos set up for this month and need to know who will be available and in what capacity as soon as possible. I apologize that these are both so last minute, we have a begun outlining a new demo policy, and will send that out. (And post it to the website soon)

A&S Nights:
We will have cup covers taught with a veil stitch next month, and will set up the following month’s schedule. Please claim your month if you would like to teach something.

Silk Painting:
This will be broken into two parts, and a makeup time created later if you were not able to join us for planning or painting.

We have a bid for Winter Bardic Blast, this will be voted on at the beginning of the next meeting.

***If you are interested in running Spring Thynge, we will need the bid in by November 1st. please ask for assistance with filling out the form before that date. We will be able to use the site at Black Bird State Forest.