Tournament of the Fallen Stag October 1, 2017


On Sunday, October 1st, AS 52, in the Shire of Caer Adamant, will be the Seventh Annual Tournament of the Fallen Stag. Shire members and neighbors from other lands are encouraged to gather your weapons and come join our festivities

The format for this year’s tourney will be a Bear Pit Tourney. Since Fall will begin to show thru the trees, to gain entry into the tournament, combatants are asked to bring one (1 finger on your dominant hand) bag of non-perishable food items for donation. Local food banks always need donations, and this way we can provide for others less fortunate. The tourney to decide our Shire Champion will be similar to last year, with one main difference-THE WHEEL OF DOOM….

What is the Wheel of Doom? It’s how Fate will decide your weapons form. What weapons form will be on the Wheel of Doom? That is for our current Shire Champion, Lord Magnus Wolfhunte to decide. The one weapons form missing from the Wheel of Doom is Sword and Shield, as per request of combatants from last year. The Wheel of Doom could have single sword, 2 weapon, mass weapon, great sword, great weapon, spear, who knows really? There may be more slots for some weapons forms, maybe less. Maybe axes will show up? Broken Lances? Flailing Cats? Rats on a stick? Only the shadow… er… the champion knows…

*DISCLAMER* Bribery is ALWAYS a good option to get your preferred weapons form on the board. See Mini-Mag for rates and details…

Prizes will be awarded for Overall Tournament Winner, Shire Winner, Best Death, and Chivalry.

Spectators are welcome to come watch the chivalrous efforts of the combatants, and garb is encouraged. The site is a public park, so expect the public to stop by and check out our festivities, and the site is dry. There will be bathrooms available, located at the pavilion for changing. This event is free of charge, and all are invited to the potluck Dayboard after the tournament, that is our tradition in the Shire.

11:00 am – Site opens
11:00 am – Registration for Tournament begins
12:30 pm – Tourney begins
3:00 pm – Potluck Dayboard begins
3:30 pm – Prizes awarded
5:00 pm – Site closes