Banner Making

Greetings Shire Mates!
We are getting close to setting up our banner making day. I’m very excited about it, how about you?
What size banner would you like? A small one the size of your outstretched arm or a larger, grander one?
Do you have a frame? If so, what size?

Please send your answers and details of your needs to Alejandro at by Thursday October 1, 2015 so I can start organizing this. Your participation is greatly appreciated. The date for banner making will be announced shortly.

Yours in Service,

Notes from the Seneschal

Good Afternoon! As we move into the last quarter of 2015, I would like to make some announcements about local goings-on and events.

  • A copy of the bylaws that was updated last year has been recovered from the lifeless husk of a computer! If you would like to go over the notes and make any changes, please meet me prior to Fighter Practice this Sunday, October 4 at 11:30-1:00. Please email me ( or text me if you plan to join me so I can bring enough copies and bagels.
  • Recommendations for the second polling of Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II will be accepted through the end of Friday October 9, 2015. Please make sure to get your recommendations in for those that you feel are deserving.
  • Adolphus has very kindly offered to step up as my deputy, and I am very excited to have his help. Please feel free to contact him as well as myself with any questions about the current Shire events. You will find his information of the Shire website shortly. Onboarding into a deputy position can take some time, so please be kind if it takes us an extra day to get back to your request.
  • With so much to do in the last three months of the year, I am going to ask for assistance getting classes together and setting up meetings. Thank you to everyone who has offered to help, I truly appreciate it!
  • The November business meeting will be in Dover, and prospective dates and locations are being looked into.
  • There are a number of great events coming up in the East Kingdom that I hope to see you at like Shire Wars, the Shire’s Tourney of the Fallen Stag and the Yuletide parties.  Don’t forget about our Schola in the Shire Royal Progress event in February 2016, too!
  • Please consider donating something small to the Treasure Chest we are creating for the Royals to be presented in February, posts have been shared to Facebook with ideas.

Yours in Service,

Lady Shoshana




Tournament of the Fallen Stag 2015

Please join the Shire of Caer Adamant at the Tournament of the Fallen Stag on
October 24, 2015 at Glasgow Park, Glasgow, Delaware.

We will be holding a timed points tourney to ensure everyone gets plenty of fighting. Registration starts at 10:00 am; Tournament starts at 12 pm, and site closes at 6:00 pm. There will be prizes for:

Overall Victor
Highest Placed Shire Fighter (Shire Champion)
Best Death
Best Female Fighter

Spectators are most welcome, and garb is strongly encouraged. Site is a county park, so the public will be attendance. We will have the Gold Key (clothing that can be borrowed for the day) available for those who wish to use it. This event is free of charge, and there is no Feast. Dayboard and refreshments TBD. No alcohol as this is county park.

Event Steward:
Baron Simon Montgumery (Jim Stackable)

Pavilion #4
Glasgow Park, Glasgow, Delaware
Route 40 between Route 896 and Route 72. See map below for location details.

10:00 am – site opens
10:00 am – registration for tourney begins
12:00 pm – tourney begins
3:00 pm – ‘pot luck’ dayboard starts
6:00 pm – site closes

Check back here and the Shire’s Facebook page for more information as the date gets closer.


Pavilion location in Glasgow Park

Pavilion location in Glasgow Park

September Shire Meeting in Dover

The September Caer Adamant business meeting will be in Dover.

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2015

Time: 3:30 p.m. to 4:30ish

Location: Dover Public Library (see map below for directions)

Dress is casual; no garb please.

Everyone is welcome to attend!


October’s meeting will resume the normal monthly schedule of every third Sunday at Days of Knights in Newark at 5:00 p.m. 

Pennsic44: Campground Restrictions due to Weather Conditions 07/12/15

From the Mayor’s Office
Regarding Campground Restrictions due to Weather Conditions 07/12/15

Be advised that these restrictions & closings only apply for PW44

   Due to abnormal rainfall this year some areas of Cooper’s Lake Campground are
very wet and muddy (and have a high probability for vehicles becoming stuck). Due to that and potential complications of further rain, both before and during the event, the Mayor and the Land Staff are placing the following restrictions and closings into effect. See the list below to find out if your campsite is affected; on site look for Red Lines which will be painted around or within blocks denoting closed sections.

Blocks that are closed or restricted:
• All of E-32.
• All of W-19.
• All of W-23.
• Part of W-21 closed, west of site 52 (the fire pit is okay).
• Part of N-15 closed, the eastern portion just past the water spigot.
• E-31 (The Island) is no longer handicapped accessible! The Island is campable, but muddy & prone to flooding in severe weather. Camping on the Island will be allowed, but campers are advised that this is at their own risk due to the possibility of flooding. No vehicles will be allowed on the Island. No trailers will be delivered to the Island. The foot bridge is the only access to The Island; if you choose to camp there your encampment must make arrangements to move your gear by hand from storage to your encampment & back to storage at the end of War. Note: The Cooper’s will not be able to make any site improvements to the Island to alleviate muddy conditions.
• W-09 is not closed, but has Driving Restrictions—cars may not drive off of the
of the gravel road.

Roads that are closed or restricted:
• Howard’s Fenway is closed.
• Nagashino Road, between B05 and B09 is closed.
• Hill Road, is restricted to one way traffic (south bound only!) from the Low Road to Good Intentions.
Other block restrictions/concerns:
• N-12 is not closed, but there will be no single campers on the block.
• W-20: very muddy & prone to flooding in severe weather.
• No ground fires are allowed on the Battlefield.
• No ground fires are allowed in the southernmost section of E11.
Land staff will be in touch with those groups affected by closings and restrictions and every attempt will be made to accommodate needs of campers. If you are forced to move this year you will still get your land point. Next year you will be
allowed back into your block.

Storage Trailers
If you have a storage trailer that the Cooper’s deliver to your campsite or unloading, it may be required to remain there for the duration of Pennsic depending on your encampment’s conditions. No extra footage will be allowed for your storage trailer; you must make room it in your encampment. While the driver will attempt to meet your requests, we cannot guarantee that your trailer will be placed where you want it to be. If you choose not to have your trailer moved to your camp site, you are responsible for unloading, moving the contents of the trailer to your site, loading it again at the end of war. You will not be allowed to tow your trailer yourself from storage to your site.

Construction Projects
We understand that due to muddy conditions some groups may wish to build structures or modify the land to alleviate the mud, be advised, however, that NO changes to the landscape or building projects in encampments may take place without the direct permission of the Coopers! If you have a water/mud issue and you MUST come to the War Room and discuss it with the Coopers BEFORE you can make changes/build anything in your camp. NO ONE will be allowed on site before July 24th to view or work in any encampments. Failure to get appropriate permissions from the Coopers for modifications to alleviate mud may get you expelled from the site.

A Final Word
This is a difficult situation, we know. We also know how you all feel about your Pennsic encampments, but we hope that everyone will be understanding of the unusual conditions this year that require these changes. These block restrictions& closings only apply for PW44. We hope our attendees will be understanding of the compressed conditions necessary this year and conserve and share the space with grace and courtesy. If you have any questions concerning the above announcements, please email Land Staff.

Thank You for your patience & understanding,
Baron Illiam Uaine, Mayor Pennsic War 44

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Pennsic Camping Update

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Pennsic this year! If you are camping with us- now is the time to get your pre-reg in. Online Pre-paid Preregistration Closes June 17th. Please make sure to reach out to me if you are camping with us. You get an allotment of 200 SQ Ft per person, 50- giveback.

Lady Shoshana

Archery and Thrown Weapons Practice Update

I’m so sorry to report that archery and thrown weapons practice is no longer going to be held at Padrig’s residence. We will be looking for a new site, and all assistance would be appreciated. We truly appreciate the time and space, and big thanks goes out to Padraig for the many many years of service.